If your not well tell someone.

Me and my partner stood up for the world to see. We made a change by just speaking up about our life. Lets talk about mental health. Lady gaga the queen of monster has shed somelight on to this topic. There is nothing wrong about asking or telling someone if you have a problem in your head. I talked to my parents about my problems and it helps ease your mind. Its hard when you are going trough something so emotional and so big like making a company or building a magazinr. This does not mean that you are less of a person than the rest. We are ok me and him honestly. The problem is with the society is mental health problem is associated to being crazy or not eqquiped to be in the real world. 

Embrace the crazy in you. Realease your inhibitions to the world stand up about your believes. Yes we know who we are and yes we are just kids but guess what we keep swimming me and him.

We keep pushing the boundaries and we keep on keeping on. For ourselves. We are both the living proof that love will actually solve everything. We are happy. We talked to ourselves all the time and we talk to our familyas about our issues. Today I watch fast and the furiours. It was a great movie and I will diverge and make an article about this soon. But the main story line is family. No matter what you are going trough tell someone dont feel like your alone in this battle. There are people who are willing to help. We are both lucky that our familyas help us. Not alot of people can say that you know. Not alot of people have support systems like we do. We are building a bussiness from love. 

No matter what you do in life someone will always step on you. Someone will always say you cant do this or you can do that. But you can. There is always another way around things. You just have to breath and know that everything will be ok. It sucks to be in pain. No one wants that. But taking time and telling someone about your problems is the first step. I was preassured into doing so many things by different people. Like write about this or write about that. Do this so you will have that. Well you know what we make our own paths in life. This is our path mine and his. 

You dont know what goes behind the scene. You dont know what we do in order to get here. Judge all you want but we know what to do with the ugly who puts people down like us. You block them and move on. We took people out as a stand for us that no one cam control what we do. So tonight I tipped to the mother monster herself for opening the subject of mental health issues. She has done such a mazing job for standing up to people like us me and him. People who are sometimes for some people we are not enough. Well you know what exit stage left. We are here to empower our kids. Our love notes are enough for love. Mama ru said it first if you cant love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else. Thankyou, xie xie and salamat for everysingle one of you guys who has been reading this magazine since day one.  Bye guys will talk soon. 


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