He reminded me that im a torontonian

Today he remind me that im from toronto. The west is where I started my life. Yes it feels like home. Yes it does. The smell of rain is difderent here. It smells like nature. Sometimes I have to be reminded by people about my actions and how I react in certain situations. Spending time with my sisters reminded me of who I am and where I came from and why me and him started this magazine. First its for us me and him second its for our famalies. Slaay everyone but leave family alone. 

Torontoniams are different its like amarica of canada we are blunt, crast and we way speak up about everything. Here in vancouver its not the same. Here they sugarcoat things. They dont really say what they have to say. 

But one thing about vancouver that is lacking in toronto is the idea of comunity. There not like that in toronto. I wish it would be the same. But its not really. I love that I can be both equally from here and say that im from toronto now. There is a certain bage and a chip on your shoulder if you haved survived staying in the east for more than 5 years. 

Being here for than 2 weeks made me reflect on my ideas in life and how I act towards people. Being a legend is hard. Being us is hard. 

We are not the norm and will never will be the norm. Its a gift really who wants to be a regular joe. Being different is what sets us apart from the rest. We keep saying we know who we are thats why we are not afraid to bash certain people or certain individuals. Now we call them the ugly. The ugly does what the ugly does best. The put you down. Sometimes you need to remind your own self who you are and your values. We are kids hungry for eternal glory. 

The city of toronto has turned me into a savage. I like that to be honest. When you are building a company you cant wait on other people to give you an oppurtunity. You must have 5 different options. Rejection is the hardest on me. Because I put my lifes work into this. When I see the people who I wanted in the beggining to be a part of this and now comeback but also judge us and our capabalities I turn really evil. He keeps me grounded and so does my family and his. 

We have lost so many friends along the way. But those people were never really are our friends. If they were then they would have stood up with us. Me and him. Sucks to see them really be a savage to us. Well you know what my mother said there lost is other peoples gain. 

I have one last tip for everyone who has been following our journey.  Dont put your faigth in other peoples hands push yourself everyday. We do it all the time. We force ourselves to stand up in our belieaves. We turn our dreams into reality. We keep swimming. We promise to not stop and we promise to always inpire people to do whats right for you.  We are humbled by the gift and the gesture that the great gods have given us. If you know us by now then thats great. If you dont you should really get to know us. 

We not only built a company we have also built our own community. We are not alone we have friends and we have our kids who are grown. The games are here to shed a light on other individuals who we want to colaborate. The games are over but the waves are here to stay. Our waves our to be enjoyed. Our waves are to be ridden with pride and tallent. We are showcassing others. Use us use our words and our tallents. But respect us aswell. Respect the dynasty that we created and how far we have travalled. Power is only given to certain people who can handle the power. We can handle the power now more than ever because we got the validation that we wantes from the world. The vallidation that we never asked but was given for that we happy. For that its enough for us. If not if enough for you then please exit stage left. You are not welcomed nor invited to the leggends ball. 


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