Good morning world

sketch-33Lets start the day properly. The games are over like we said but the waves are here to stay. Silencia Your opinions don’t matter to us anymore. We know exactly what needs to be done now. We have moved past the ugly and left the baggage behind. We came out stronger than ever. Today you will get more than just a wave. You will also get stories from other people. We are not alone in this fight.  We have friends our kids are grown and they are ready to speak up slowly. We will have our stories always its our love notes to each other.  Last night I took my black book which had the originals plan and took out the plans that didn’t work. The people who said they were helping meh!  There is other people out there. The ugly will be uglier so for our kids prepare yourself they will be back no matter what.  When someone is hating that means hunty you are doing something right. So let them have it but let them have it with a smile. Be kind he said. I will try my best in life to not shade the ugly. But I will read the ugly. Yes I will no matter what I am from Toronto bitch! We are savages. So if you don’t like what we are doing please move your ugly ass to the left because We are not your parents. Our kids are legends they don’t cry they know what to do now! They fight back with pride. Rise to the occasions of our legends ball. Rise and speak up let the world know who you are.  Let this day wake every single individuals out there that think they cant do anything. Let me tell you something. Yes you can its gonna be hard its gonna be bumpy but just keep swimming no matter what. Dance to the beat off our hearts because we are winning. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas Today Get up! Join us stand up for love! Here are some old articles that we had written in the past.


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