Ending the night back to love.

People are just the funniest things out there. Well its human nature. But now more than ever we saw more and more ugly people. I wont name names because we have values. Here are the rest of the pictures that I took today. I also want to just end because people are getting ridicoulous. We have accomplished so much today. He is still there and im still here. Show us your real colours so we know who we can trust. Its our dynasty. Our familyas are involved if your not patient enoug then please by all means move to the left. Power is power. Always remember that we are not the ones judging the people are. Mainly the great gods of this industry. Patience is key. 

We finished another division of our company which is our online store. Tommorow we will show you guys what we have you can purchase some of our vintage jewerly and will ship it to you guys. Thank you so much from me and calvin and our kids. Lets talk again later. I still have to treck back home but. Im not leaving yet. I love the beach so much nature is here. Reflections were done today too in what moves we need to make. Planning is essential to get other things developed. 

We know how to silencia every single one now more than ever. We will show you more. But for now. Its time to have some fun. Byeeeeeee. Comenting on coments is already taken wish we can but she is better at that. Thank you to all every single one that mesage us back and also agreed to work with us. I AM AND WILL ALWAYS BE. RICHARD JOHN CHOX T TALAY ROSE CART3L AND HE IS CALVIN ROSE CART3L. KIDS WE DID SOMETHING GOOD AGAIN TODAY.  Live for the moments that matter the most to you! 


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