Goood morning

Lets start the day right together. Yes im still here and he is still there. It is getting harder and harder to perform the tasks that we need. But we said yes. We are what we are. You guys know us by now. We are not harming anyone. 

He woke me up with A txt today. It was perfection like a ding went up on my head. Yaaaaaas today marks more than just a new era for the dynasty that we both built together. Fake news or real news! We dont care. We will do what we want. Like we said in the past the stage is always on the left hunty. The doors are waiting for anyone. The choice is always yours.

We were given a spotlight by the great gods of the world. The spotlight is something that everyone wants. Yes its true dont you dare lie. Last night I saw someone who I deleted and blocked on IG. Beau beau beau! Wow. People will say or do whatever it takes to get up the social fucking ladder man. They will hurt back stab or even freeking make fun of people. Stonning is for ugly girls. We are not ugly people. 

Smile the world is watching. The world is now judging you guys. Well there also judging us but we already make fun of ourselves. Mama ru said it first if you cant love yourself how the hell are you gonna love someone else. All we ask is to put us first. Think about how much we have accomplished. 

Think how many idinviduals and companies stood up for me and him. Power is power. Power is only given to those who can handle the power. We are grounded by our familyas. 

We were raised right. But no matter what you still need to stand up for your belives. Iven if some of your love ones think you delusional. The great duma said if you doubt your powers. Your only doughting yourself. 

Soooooo today rise to the occasion of the legends ball. Today get up and tell the world who you are. We wont stop we wont change. Thank you to those that believe in us. Will talk later. We also have real news today or is it fake news?


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