Fake news! Becomes real news!

Im still here and he is still there. What an emotional ride it is. I have something to say before I hit the hay. Its called self care. Escuse me? Dont let anyone influence you. Our parents are designed to protect us. Yes They are. But sometimes you have to stand up and grab the world by its balls and say listen. We have made and impact. Impact so strong that the great gods are smilling at us. Being vallidate if enough for us. 

We are being celebrated by the world finally. Our words our tallents are being used by individuals that matter in the world. 

Smile the world is watching. We are ready more than ready for what the world has to offer. 

We will never change we will always fight for love and equality. Love is love and love will always win. 

Times are hard we all know that. But if you dought your powers the rest of the works will dought it. 

So we say bring it world. We are the new age. We are the future of the world. Goodnight and thank you to every single one who believes in us.  Thank you to everone who stood up for people like me and him. We have a voice and we promise to slay the truth and nothing but the truth. So here is a wave of our emotions. Tommorow is a brand new day for games. Everyone can join but not everyone can be a leggend. Cart3l dynasty. Celebrate life with us. 

Enjoy our stories. Enjoy our electrix magical powers. Yaaaaaaaas we did it again with changed the world slowly with our hearts. 


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