Did everyone else have a good easter?  Did you guys go to church? Did you guys have dinner with family? Well for me and him all we had was text love notes. I have seen alot of fashion documentaries from first monday in may, mcqueen and I, Bill cunningham to beyonce documentary. Fashion, art and technology is the world of unknown to sum people. There are still lots of people who mock the stories we put out there. But lets get one thing straight. The construction of the company is done. Straight up. I have it all in my book. the platform and magazine is also done. We made it 2 months ago. We are in our 3rd phase of our plans. 

We made the games to put focus not on us but to others. For some people you need to be a doctor or an architech to get power. Status is status that is not the aim here. The tartget is to affect people to stand up for me and him. We reached that target already. For some a publication needs to be in a set of way. For some fashion and the tech world is scary. Yes the industry that we choose to get into for some its nothing. For some you have to grasp of hold the power. Like a gun or a bow and arrow. For some you have to be a certain thing. Just like the company that we were talking about for them stories are not enough. The concept of the whole thing is from vintage drag. During the old days drag is an uderground scene. The melinia is different. Things are easier now. Everyone can pick up a pen and call themselves a writer or a blogger. This is amazing it truely is. The uknown scares people. But we know what we are doing. The rest of the world validated us not just today but everyday. But for us thats not enough. We are both starving for success. Today was amazing I have no words. Our words was used by the great gods. This is enough for us. We maybe far from each other but we know we will see each other soon. We are in the industry of pleasing other people. Yes believe it or not we all are. Its a scarry world out there.

There will always be people who will out you down. So tonight I want everyone to reflect. Yes reflect and see how beautiful this creation is and how many people truelly love it. This matters to alot of people know thats All we want. I want to say thank you from the bottom of ny heart and his for the companies and the people who stood up for love and equality. 

We wont change and we wont stop like we promised. We just know when to fight our battles and when to stay low. Being a legend is not a piece of cake. Thank god for sleep. Thank you and goodnight. Happy easter and happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Slaaaaaaaaay! 


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