Be the cure

Yaaaaas be the cure. Swallow your pride and stand up for what you believe in. It may not be enough for some but its enough for me and him. We are enough for the world and the world stood up for us. Me and him. Focus like ford focus. Keep things light like eating a mchicken for breakfast. Live for the moments that matter to you. He maters to me. Our familays matter to us. We are going to marry the night.  Im not gonna cry anymore. Dont get infleunced by anyone. Even when they say no. Push for your own self. Its called self care

We take care of ouselves we are grown people. We have made our own stand infront of the society. They have embraced us with love. Pride is something you need to swallow to get the edge of glory. 

Today yeah baby we both belong to the night. Its hard to feel the rush but we are ok. We are ok we can fight our own fights. He is still there and im still here. There is no way we are stopping now more than ever. 

Dream live for every single moment you dont know who is listening and you dont know who is out there who wants to help. 

Speechless we are because the great gods have used our tallents and our words. If you cant love yourself how the hell are yoi gonna love somebody else. Say yes to the dress and stick by your belives and never loose hope. Listen to our hearts and our bubble dreams. 


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