Accept the power that was given to you

Yes it took me 3 years to put the whole thing togehter. Alot of it I failed on every single situation. I dont see that as a failure now. When you believe. The world will believe. Stories are enough for the world. That is enough for us for now. I can see it in the stars across the skies. We waited all our life for a moment to arive and finally. We believe. 

To be a legend you must belive in your powers no matter what other people say. Its not easy to be far from each other. Its not. But now that we believe. We try to be the very best but now anything is possible. 

Love keeps lifgting us higher. You have to try it for yourself. See how high it will take you. Because it will take you to places that you never knew it existed. 

The key is to evolve with time. Give people something to talk about. Dreaming is essential. When you dont dream of what can happen then you wont get to etternal glory.

Finally its here and we can relax. So brunch/lunch we are serving you the most electric posetive enegery that we can. Now dance to the beat of our song. Cure yourself with music. Cure yourself with love. Love that I got from him and love that I got from my familya. Buckle up. Its going to be a bumppy ride. But we must keep swimming no matter what. 


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