I just woke up. Yes I took a nap. Sleep is the only pleasure I get now a days. Im so tired. It feels like a long as freeking battle. While he is still there and im still here. I am tired. So im ending the night now. Its easter its time to be with familt. He is in medeval times. Im here and my head is all over the place. I had a great morning. So much love from the world was given to us. Me and him. People dont know how easy or how hard it is to make a company. I contructed it already its been done ages ago. We are looking for deals now. Its easoer to get then here in the west where its like a comunity. The east is filled with plastics. 

Well who can blame them. They live in a superficial world. My world and his is only filled with playfullness and dreaming. I am tired its time for me to sleep again. Im in my cocoon now. We did it again guys. We gave positive enegergy. Yey. Our plans are now only for us. If you know it then thats great keep it in your heart. Good night and xie xie I hope everyone is having a great easter. And for the huge people who stood up for me and him. Thank you from the bottom of my cold heart and his loving smile.

 Ciao for now. Will talk later. P.S I was suppose to go to convention centre. But I pick to play badminton. Well because we can. We can do whatever the fuck we can. Again if you got hurt move left left left please.


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