Its time for a wave

Here we gooooo kids we know what to do now. Head west do not leave him take him with you. Look for options we are being watched by the great gods. Block the ugly people they are resisting. As if we need them. Hello we are the most powerfull influencers now more than ever. Gods aee smilling on us. Its time dance. Dance to mine and his heartbeat. Status! Yaaaaas we have that now. We only need to more things and we are good to go. He is there fixing hub 1 and im here getting deals. Deals need to happen in order for the dynasty to work out. Each and every single one of our kids need to have a cube? Why because we have rates! Rate it up. Charge small dont go crazy. Move to the left if you dont like what we are doing. For morning brunch\lunch. Coachella is the enimy lol we must be louader than them haha. Kidding. We love you guys. Times like this we wish we are together to celebrate milestones of our relationship. We didnt get to celebrate the last. We didnt even get to watch the movie we were suppose to watch. Im better now. I had sleep. Thats all I really needed. As the mother im the publicist. He prottects my head. He really does. He knows how to calm me down. But I had to learn how to do that on my own. I still dont know how. Its a working progress. Much like my pratice. Yoga is my practice. It helps me think. I want to be a coach but not yet. It will take time like we said. I am preassured by everyone to make decisions its alot for me to handle. We wont back down. We wont stop. Because why? We are from love. 

Dont do anything that you dont know what to do. Breath every moment you get. Me and him are the leaders. Plans are the same since day 1. 

Send a cignal if you dont know whats happening. I will dictate the pace. Of the waves. Trust the decisions of the dynasty. 


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