Good morning

Today marks more than just a new day for me and calvin. Today the skies have moved for us. We have so much to thankfull for. We may not be enough for some companies but we are enough for the rest of the world. Im still here and he is still there. We promiaed to never change and we promised to never stop.

We have seen the validation that was given to us by the world. Its easter today. I wish I was there so I can do an egg hunt with him. But these are the cards that was given to us. We are rissing and shinning which is what we do best. Rissing and shinning brings hope to the people. We are here to change the world of online creatures thats full of hate and missery. We call them the ugly. The climb to the top is really hard. But there is no stopping for the dynasty. Its beem cute and its been fun. But we have to get our sunday on. Today I am going to the convention centre. Here in vancouver. Who ever wants to come can come. 

Here is the party monster prince. Let the music play! Come celebrate life with me him and our cart3ls. We are just gettimg started. May the force be with us all. 


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