We cant say things because we dont want to say it. We need something and it becase we use it only to clear our heads. Yes we do use it. But we dont over use it. But sometimes when the world is asking us to say things we dont. Only for one reason we are too nice. Yes we are we are nice. We care and sharing is caring. Mama ru said something that really struck me.  She thinks we dont know ourselves of she thinks we dont know whag we are doing. If you cant love yourself how the hell sre you gonna love somebody else. Fuck shit are just words. Words are part of the game. We use words to get what we want. We use videos to get what we want. But our familya also doesnt know what we are doing. That is ok. Its ok for our familyas to to be like that. 

Our familyas mine and his are designed to protect us from evil. But we are grown just like our kids. We are full grown beasts. We are savages we push trough no matter what. So for tonight we will ask a series of questions. The question is what is your category in life? Drama queen realness? Butch queen first time is drags at a ball? Or ballerrina galore. We are beyond mugler and beyond balenciaga. We are the future of the society. Honesty is the best policy. But thats not all the time. Haters will hate. The ugly will be uglier. I have a tip block them. It will do you good. Release your lost inhibitions out and you will come trough. Yaaaaaas get it. Vree the dynamite on ig and the trinity are funny. But guess what we are funnier lol. We are competting for a race a race called life. We will come on top me and him. You know why. Because we are from love. Editing is not my strongest suit as a leader. But we have one and soon she will dominate the game because if her tallents. We collect people and we showcase them. I am the mother and he is the father. There are no more rules. Come one come all. But the legends are what we look for. Buikding soldiers is done. Time for the rise of our leggends and our dynasty. So for tonight its time for everyone to lip sync for your life. This is the hunger games people. Buckle up we are just getting started. It will really be a bumpy ride. But again the climb is what we love. We are resourcefull and indepedent. He loves me and I love him. I said yes to dress long time ago. If you dont like it. You know what to do. Exit stage left. Exit exit exit please. You know what funny? How the whole thing started as a joke. Now we are not jokes. We can say what we want and do what we want because we are properties of each other. Jokes aside we want to thank everyone. Our familyas our kids and you the haters because without haters then you know your not doing it right. We know more than ever that we have status. Power is power but you must dig deep to be a great influencer. We only influence people to do whats right. The right thing is to never put anyone down with that said and done and over with. The ugly really came out today. Some of them evolved to the final stages of pokemon heights. I do forgive the ugly. Because if you dont then you turn into one of them. Tonight I rally for love. Tonight We fight for love. Tonight marks a new era to dynasty. 

The dyansty of power the dynasty of light. We have moved past the days of stoning we wont stone them we will block them. Evolve or be blocked. Follow our hearts mine his and our kids. We are the future. Yesterday Today and forever. We slay the game hardest because we are the pack leaders. My name evolves and I take others last names. But there is only one last eternal name. My name is Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l anf he is Calvy Cart3l. Let nature do what nature does best. Test us we will win. Test us and we will rise to the occasion of the legendary ball. The ball of it all legends ball. Lets gooo fight the uglies and may the best woman win. 

We are ready for our close up mr devil. Take us and name us as your own. Use our tallents use our kids. We are brilliant and legendary. Goodnight sleep dream of electric dreams. 


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