Silencia you must listen

Silencia its 7:09 we still have more werk to do. The company is a production company. We havr two platforms and power is power but power mhsy be only used to slay the truth. The truth is we are struggling. Me and him we are struggling just like the rest of the world. You know there comes a time in someones like when you know who is meant for you. We love each other. We will break boundaries together. We talk to each other by txt phone calls but its no enough. We will see each other soon. The rest of the world is looking at us now. Me and him. Walls I put for protection for me and him and our kids. But truelly and honestly we dont need it baby. The world know us and who we are. The world trusts our better judgment our famalies are both invested in our company.

 We will see each other soon I can feel it in my bones. Shouder bones that you helped strengthen. Stregth is what we have now. Pattience lives in us mine and yours. We control the world. From the digital world to the fashion world.  I Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l mother of this dynasty is going tommorow at north vancouver. I am searching for this certain individuals that are here in vancouver. I will rumble the game up now. I want everyone to hide run or even just sing. Because tonight baby we did again. We changed the world for the better. When I met you I was drowning like there is no tommorow. The love that you gave me made me who I am today. Honesty and trust is what we have. We are both honest to each other. You tell me what you want and im working hard to get it. We are both working hard. You are working hard so I can get back home. To a home that we both need. To a home where its just us. A home where we can be in this world again. I miss that world everyday. I sometimes cant grasp the whole concept. Because yes im in pain of being away from you. But we are stronger now. I believe in us not anything else. Love is love and love will prevail. One day and I cant wait for that day. Where you run into my arms and I carry you again. We different we are not the norm. You have to see how beautiful our world is. Its so nice its not filled with gudment. Its filled joy and stability. You dont know us or maybe you do. But what you see out there is just a touch of our personality. There is more and much more. The magazine will mold itself in a educational one with purpuse. Everyone can have a magazine now. But we have the best one. Its because we used what the great gods the new and old gave us. We use legos and we use laughter to change and cure the ugly people out there. The ugly people must change. They do you know why you need to evolve to become a legend. Forcefullness is what we use. If you get hurt or anything on what we say. Please I urge you to leave. Move to the left. Know your lane in our life. Mine his and our family. Yes ee have our kids but they are legends and legends know how to fight more than ever. They will help rise the dynasty to the final stage which is total dominance. I wish I never did those mistakes. But those mistakes are done. I dont look back at them anymore. We are stronger now. We are the most powerfull individuals out there. Baby status we have it now. We can walk proud to any establishement and they know who we are. 

I think this will be the last of our magaical waves for the night. Coachela whats up? The world whats up? We should talk. Thank you and xie xie to all who stound up for me and him and our dyansty. This it kids you know what to do now.


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