I said yes to the dress

I said yes! To dress long time ago. While he is still there and im still here. Everyone else is enjoy there life. Im not I created rhe whole thing from scratch. I stand up for him, me and our kids. I said yes to dress. I said yes to the idea of our life. You may think its easy. You may think ohhhj they are just stupid kids who fell inlove and they dont have power. 

Power is power. Power is given by the great gods the new and the old. Missery is part of it. I have severe depression. The world knows that. The world is not stupid. The world and the people who watch us know we are struggling. I cant grasp the entire concept. I cant grasp the whole thing if what I need to do as a mother. Ive done alot contempalation and ive done alot of talking to the great gods. You must always just swim just like the great fish. My tallents as an artist and my tallents as the co creator of this dynasty is the mold the whole concept. I wont give up because we know who we are. 

He loves me and I love him. You do know us now. You do know what we have done to get here. So for brunch or lunch. Im serving you pain amd im serving you missery this is all we have for now. Stories are enough. Stories of our love from each other. Solitude will bring light. Stand up for your believes and the rest will follow. I believe that the gods the new and the old are all the same. I believe that the gods are smilling on me and him. They are testing us baby. The world is testing our love. I wont cave in to what the society wants. This is an art form. I asked them for help from the start. My entensions were to help the said company. But now my ententions have changed. My ententtion is still to ge whats mine with fire and blood I will take. These are just words if your company get hurt. Then you should have said yes to dynasty all along. The ugly people ive seen how they are. They are the most ugliest ones I have ever seen. I wont name them because I have faigth. We have faitgh in oursleves me and him. We did well baby and we will keep going. I will burn them and keep burning them. I am a savage now. I am the slayer of the truth and I only slay the truth. Slaying isnt that bad. You can keep putting the emotions on them but they wont cave in because for them the ugly people. We are not enough but for the rest of the world we are. Today marks more than a new era for dynasty. We will get to end together. Hand in hand. I will fight for those who cant. I will fight for equality and love. The vessel was given to me. Yes im dramatic but my creation is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. We talk everyday but not enougj for us. Its not enough for me. I will be doing lots of legends ball. Mine will have eternal glory. I can do this on my own nit for him but for both of us. He is mine and im his. I dont need anyone else in my life but him. You need too put us first. We may look or sound bratish. But we are not we have values and our parents gabe that to us. So here is another wave of my emotions. I hope it trancends in your hearts to stand up with us. 

Im going back to my cocoon. Sleep is the only pleasure I have. I cant please everyone just so that they are happy. The battle for life is not over watch me and him fight for our dreams. But the focus this week is on our kids. Our kids are grown they can do this on there own. They are legends now. If you still dont you can keep trying.

 But we make the decision who we want to get involve not you. Us. Your stores were dead concider this a learning experinces not to use other peoples tallents. If you wanted to be really our leaders than you would havr fucking move mountains by now. But you wont. I will drag your company to the ground because yes we can do that now. We can tell everyone to not to buy from you guys. 

We can say what we want now more than ever. Good baggage it was nice knowing you. But ciao we dont have time for you. Online is our playground not yours its mine his and our kids. 

Lets gooo stand up with us. Me him and our kids and the dynasty that will stand time. 


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