You dont know us still

Its another mirracle morning.  Good morning world. We just had a morning date. Yaaaaaass last night was both instense and amazing. People who didnt think love letters are not enough can suck a hot dog down the street.  Today marks a new chapter of our book of love notes. Today we will keep it light. 

On sunday cart3l will be doing there first small team meeting. It will be here at vancouver. We have two options the offsite or the convention centre. I really like the convention centre you can see the float plane. 

While the rest of the world got our backs last night. The baggage company still didnt. Well you know what jokes on you the rest of the world did. 

Yesterday I sat at this place the entire day. The ugly people was there I wasnt naive. I knew what you guys wanted. But guess what so did the rest of the world. 

The company I wanted to help. Your going to more than chase us now. Power is power. Now we are the most powerfull influencers out there. We can dictate. We can telk the wirld to cry. There are no more gaps in our company. 

We took the leaders that didnt stand for equality. The best thing in life is when finaly realise what you did wrong in the first place. 

 Putting trust on the people that dont know us. We will keep this within family know. Cart3l family. 

So instead of you know naming the said company and how they made there moves infront of the world. We dont have to do that now. The world already knows what company it is. 

So for today. Enjoy our waves magic. Our waves of electronic evolotion. We are the future! Now is the time to read us more than ever. Start from page 1

So for our small team. 

  1. Fenchielenchie
  2. Pow pow pow
  3. Fly girls 
  4. Queens
  5. Hongkong dynasty 
  6. Jakarta larta 
  7. Nairita airport
  8. The newer children 

Get up get up! Get mad, get frustrated, be happy. Feel the emotions of life. Dance to beat of our heart. We are going to war! Its going to be a bumpy ride. Happy hunger games guys and may the force be with us all. 


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