Stoning is for the ugly

Hi for lunch we are serving you some truth. Truth of it all. Yes when I started this I had my own mental breakdown. Ciao it was really bad. Calvin was one until the end who took care of me. Even when he is there and im still here he is still taking care of my mental state. I know crazy eh. Im great btw. Nothing is wrong with me. We are happy together. This is just us being us. So for lunch I Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Mother of the dynasty and slayet of the truth will release another pain in the world. I release you baggage your not in my head anymore.  Funny how life turns out eh. So yesterday as you well know. I went to werk and after I stationed myself at metro. My japanese mom was there. I was working as always then It hit me. As I was looking at our plans. We have enough power now. We can pick and choose what we stand for. We dont stand for fancy manshy things. We are just starting. That why each week we come up with better ideas to entertain you guys all just like this tallent show. Soooooooooo here is the wave of magic to you guys. Stand up for your believes. Own your orriginality and never ever back down on a fight. Keep on keeping on because other people will ope  the doors. Yes alittle shadey. But no T no shade no pink lemonad. Yesterday when I saw my our werk still being use by them thats when it hit me. I can geat deals on my own. As he is working getting our hub 1. Home of the brave and how to plasticity Toronto. Lol am I funny or what? Also one other thing if you get hurt go cry somewhere else I aint you mama. I have and our kids. We are enough for the world people already know us. This is a oerfrct example for standing really proud. I am glad we got here. For sunday we are hosting our first team vancouver cart3l meet up meeting. So without futher rumbling here is a wave. Ride it and be amazing kids. Mom and dad are working extra hars for you guys. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Bye, Xie Xie and Salamatar sa walang sawang supporta. 

Fly kids fly lets goooooooooo. You guys csn do this yaaaaaaaaaaas 


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