Love notes

As the day gets done. Im still here and he is still there. Reflections is what we are serving for you guys. Most of the time you have to reflect. For some people and this includes my own family. Power is not enough. Yes I did stone those people. I Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l mother of the dynasty and queen of the evolution. I werk as a freelancer. What does this mean. I werk for different companies. I sell the articles to each amd every store I can find. He is at home in toronto dealing with our house problems. I werk for club monaco.  Sometimes you need to always remind me people what you do. It sucks to keep repeating and repeating yes it does. But thats our job.  Our job is still to tell everyone what we do. We are a production company. We produce. is our very own platform. Is it a magazine? Yup! Doed it have tones of stories yup. Struggles is what we have for now to give. Struggles is a good thing. That means we are working our buts off. If you are not struggling or if you are relaxed at werk. Shit wont get done. The problem with the said comoany is the system that they had. This is why We built the company the way we did. As a protection on. Walls we built for me and him and our kids sucks. It sucks but this is what really the society is like out there. Filled with judgment. Even just going to werk today. The bus I took to get to werk I sat down and everyone was staring. Let them stare let them judge. You are not gods. You are not part of our world. We are not harming anyone we are just doing us. We are both werking hard to get to see each other soon. Deals is what im getting. Im werking on so much. 3 doors openend for us here. Thats why I was shocked. Shocked on how much more easier to get deals here than toronto. Toronto the land of plastics. Toronto the land of fakes.  Yes most people in toronto want what they want and trust they will do whatever it takes to put people down. He was the one who told me to be nice. I am nice. Om not naming them im not even thingking about them. For that they should be thankful. I wont drag there names for everyone to be stoned. The world is doing that for them. We have faigth. He told me ones and said. I dont know why but I think someone is doing something for us. It is our famalies who are doing that. They pray for us.  We follow the light that was given to us or bestowed on us by the great gods. Duma a great warrior for equality and revolutionary is a god. I believe that people can be gods in there own way. But no one can replace whos up there. Ricky Gervais on of the funniest most tallented comics in the world who is known. He doesnt believe in gods. He believes in science. Or he belives in himself. He did something to me the mother of the dynasty. 3 years ago when I was just starting to blossom in toronto I would get sad and dreppressed and I would watch how funny he is. When calvin saved me from my drowning life that was from a faults of and old friend. Yes you. Lol I wont name you. Shit went really bad in my house. Shit happend. People stole things. That house was one of the most nightmares of my life. Well not really because I really did have fun there. That was also were we first started our dates. Lol. Mr kutches who gave us one clue who askes this questions? Yes the world does. People do ask the question. But people who make power and the onces who can do it. You dont need anything to have power its what you have inside. We scream the words status! All the time. We did that we made status. I miss those days. Were we in one place. Where we stood on the same grounds and was able to touch each other. Church street was our playground then. Where we both pranced around and stood up for equality together. I will give tip to those who want tips for there gigs. But there is a bar at church that took us in when no one else would. Crews and tangoes. The people were our friends when there rest of our friends coudnt. It was just us dancing around and having fun. We will see each other very soon. When that comes we will go back to crews together and not only yell status. But tjis time we will be yelling our own names. We are what we are we know who we are.  Knowing your self and embracing love is the foundation of our company. Even just a text from each other and we are back in that world again. This morning he gave me life just to get by. Right now at this very moment I do have it all. I have partner who loves me and who understands me. Im with family who nurtured me. I can give shade to the people who have hurt me but thats not cute. We shoudnt waste our energies on them. They are ugly. We are not. We are the newest most amazing influencers our there you know why? Why? Whaaaaaat? Why? Because we are from love. is about celebrating of choices. You dont like it move to the left please. You must change and evolve. Some people wont and just looking at them makes me sick. Yes it does. Hunnty is not cute. Not cute at all. The rest of the world again stood with us. That is enough. That is enough that we made change. That is the fruits of our labour. So now is another magical wave that we will be sending down. Tag your it. Come and join the game of love. What are the rules? Respect the decision of the dynasty. Respect that we are the leaders of this pack. R E S P E C T FIND out what it means to us. Lets goooooooo rise to the occasion of our legends ball now is the time. 

Do what you must scream shout let the world know who you are. Legends only all stars. Up Up Up and away. 


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