Realizing who you need in your company

Like we said in the past. Baggage needs to be let go. This morning we did let the baggage go. We are going to make it clear. We wanted them out. Togegther we made the decission of letting go baggage. I think today things are more clear than ever. We dont work for them anymore. We dont want to werk for them. Its been a hard decision but mostly in bussiness you have to follow your gut. We do follow our gut. Love is love and love will prevail no matter what. We are stronger now. More people are part of this dynasty now. More people are watching us now more than ever. As influencers keeping true to yourself is the best reward you can ever give yourself.

We are enough our oppinions are enough for the world. They take us seriously now. We dont have to drag anyones name anymore. We are happy. Knowing your limits and knowing that what you cant handle today you can handle tommorow. 

The great gods are behind us. Behind me and calvin no matter what our decisions are or what we write about. 

We are going bananas being away from each other but our light is what people love. Comedy is what we love to play with. We use our words. We use our daily life to give joy to people. 

We have moved on to better deals. Planning is key to have an everlasting company and our plans are working. We may need to tweek things. But the rest is just amazing. 

Slaying and shinning is so much more better than looking at life in a negative way.  We will always choose posetivity. We dont want to be like the rest of the ugly people of the world. 

People know us now as the slayer of the truth. We cant change and we will never change because this is us being amazing at life. 

We can pick and choose brands now to represent and its as easy as just sending an email. 

Let this be a lesson for people. We will at this game no matter what we do. 

We love puzzles and we also love playibg with legos. 

Love is the foundation of our company and people see that everyday. I am taking a small break so I can catch some sun before it disappear. Xie xie and salamatar from me him and our kids. 


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