Miracle morning again!

Yes its anither miracle morning and today we are serving you a good plate of sour truth. We promised to only slay the truth and nothing but the truth right. We promissed to never ever change.  Last night was a huge revalation for me. Not anyone else. When you know you know. I sort of a have one of those amazing gut feelings. When I started with all of this. The company that I was working with at that time was meh nice. Yes they were nice. They were the ones who pushed me at that time. Then I finally told them about my plans om creating a magazine. The leaders that I waa with then was like ohh such a great idea. I wanted them to be my choosen leaders. Is it me or was I jusy being stupid to want my climb in society with the work people that I had at that time? Nope that not wrong. That was a great thing. Lets get one thing straight. The said company has my kids at that time. They used my tallents as artist. I know what I have done wrong. As a mother knowing what your mistakes are in the beggining is the key to having a successfull magazine. Say what you want do what you want but your actions and in how you treated me was looked at by the world. Look Shadeys does what shadey people do. He told me to be kind and leave them alone. Guess what I will leave the said company alone. Ive moved on I work for club monaco now. The said company has nothing to do with my magazine anymore. Im leaving people behind. They were my baggage. Really and trully I want them to know that I thank them for showing there true colors now. It sucks because I was honest to these people. Well that the problem in thw big world honesty doesnt do anything. But im good at my job. The said company I wish you guys nothing but the greatest of luck. You will need it. Writting letters or notes is not enough for the said company.

 Im good now. I dont need any baggage from anyone. Im starting fresh today. And choosing to look at the light. Im with family and he is with family. We are happy. The world is happy. Im glad I released everything in the world. I Richard John  T Talay Rose Cart3l mother of my own house and queen of the dynasty is glaaaaaad and proud of the decisions Ive made in playing the game. I wish no one any hard feelings. Power is power I wont go done to your level jusy because you want me to. Leave my partner, our kids, and our dynasty alone. Dont you dare push me another time to play dirty. You are still using some of my work.

 What is ethical value? What is life? Those are the hard questions that im going to ask today. Its time to dance and rejoice for letting them out free as a bird. Thank you for showing me the light that I needed. Im going to work soon for club. But she is my mother so I cam do what ever I want. Im not here to please you guys. Im here to please my big mothers and my partner. Peace and salamat sa walang sawang supporta sa inyo lahat. 

Lets dance! Rejoice! This is a celebration of decision yaaaaaaaaaas lets goo lets goo its time to move on. Byeeeeeeeee


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