For lunch we are serving love


It was a hard morning but we are still here and he is still there.  Today for lunch we are serving you with love. This morning the world answered us and who is behind us. Power is power sometimes you need to take it all in and know that the people on your team is working hard. I did a lot of contemplation and manifestation this morning in order for us to get by.  Emotions are part of the game and for someone like me who is so pationate about work and my creations. When you see individuals using your work it’s not cute. That’s is my personal opinion about this. Building a company is hard we both know that but both of our families are invested in our lives. Family comes first no matter what. Yaaaaaas this is true. That is one of the reasons why we called the company cart3l. We are family here. We are the leaders and our kids are our contributors. This morning on the run with the world. While you guys saw me and him smiling really inside we are filled with emotions. Some are great feelings and some are not. We owe so many people love. We don’t have anymore words to give. The people have given us so much blessings. We have been harsh many times but if you don’t people will step all over you. It is hunger games out there and everyone wants to get up the the ladder. But we are here to help. We are here to help each other. We must stay strong and keep our eyes and ears open. As an influencer. We have to pick and choose what companies we want to work with. You don’t have to be little people and you don’t have to put anyone down to get your point out there. We know how to play the game right. We may look like we are just kids. Buts we do take it seriously. We have many different kind of kids. We represent each and every single one of them. Thank you for giving us hope and opening doors for us. We said in the past that we don’t need to be validated. But when you do get validated it feels great. There is a system and we are patiently waiting now to pounce and get every single deals we can. Yaaaaaaaaas thank you to our big mothers and thank you for being a part of our journey. We will talk to you guys soon. Until our next post. Enjoy the wave and have fun out there.



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