Serving you a wave to only enjoy

This morning was hard for me and him. But things cleared up when the rain ended. Im still here and he is still there. Rejection for me is the hardest thing in the world. Speacially when you are actually trying to help. One tip dont help anyone that doesnt want to be helped. We are working hard and so is our team. The name of the game is tallent show you must showcase your tallents. We as the leaders of our own pack have to be the first inline. Last night as you can tell mother had alot of time contemplating what needs to happen. Cart3l is a production company. is our platform. You  must really dig deep in order to affext change. I woke up with slap in the face because yesterday we saw how ugly people can get. We have values and morals and we wont loose our originiality on people like them. We have moved on. The plans are still the same but it does evovle. The legends ball is a two things. Legends ball is in your heart. You dont have to be a legend to fell like this. 

Even just walking we feel the world behind us. We dont owe anyone any explanation on why we act a certain way. Legends ball is a event where you guys can come meet is both. Silencia we have talked about the certain company. Yes they do deserve the pain that I have been given over the years. You dont just use peoples tallents and then step all over them like that. It took me 3 years to come up with this concept and now that its working. Hell no we are not stoping now. People if you gut hurt by what we said. Well guess what we are not sorry. You do derserved to be dragged out and crussified and show how damaging that is on an artist. Words dont mean anything to us anymore. We dont get hurt by them. I have made mistakes one my creation and I know that. Im not here to turn this place sour. Im here to turn this world with lightness like a mcchicken. Power is power. We are being watched by the great gods and we wont fail them. We are enough to make change. Even if he is still there and im still here that enough for us. We are happy with our lives. If you give hate you must accept hate back. You will always have hatters but let them hate that only means we are doing the right thing. Look at how far we have come. We are the greatest influencers of our time. We are alfeady influencing the world. Look at instgram there is a change of what other people are doing.

That is enough for us. That is enough to be celebrated. So for brunch/lunch today we are servingvyou some classic tallent show like the old days of the drag world. Guys look at our kids look at me and him this is our life. This is what we do. Collect us just as we collectrd our kids. 

Use us. Use our beatiful creation and our tallents. So stand up and get aby drink because we did it. We already affected change. We will get to where we need to eventualy. Let nature do what she does best. Spring has sprung and its freeking amazing. Hi my name is Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l mother of this dynasty and first of my name urge you to help us join us in this battle for equality! For life! And for world peace! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we will talk to you guys shortly and may the force be with us all


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