I have no more words

The great gods of the world are finally smiling on us.  It’s really inspiring how much love We had recieved lately. I really wish he is here but he is doing his thing and working hard in getting everything situated for our house in Toronto. I’m here to collect more kids and get partnership for the magazine. It’s a lot more easier to talk to west coast people than east coast. Like we said in the past Toronto is just way to power hungry. Everyone in the west is more relaxed. The magazine will eventually evolve to what it needs to be. Now I work for club Monaco. My original Japanese mother who I love the most again is helping me. Thank you so much Aya for all your hard work. I can relax now. On this coming Sunday cart3l is doing there very first. Meet up at the convention centre here in Vancouver. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come meet us there. I have no more anger in me. I follow my gut and my heart when it comes to our big moves. We talk to each other as much as we can and we are back again to the world we created together. So rise to the occasion of our legends ball. Let’s goooooooo the name of the game is talent show. Dig deep and we will showcase your talents. This is guys. I’m so happy. Thank you, xie xie for reading our stories.  I will upload more later when I get home. Bye for now


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