Here is a wave of emotions

Yes it took me 3 years in creating this idea. He opened his heart to me and then I realized I can do it now. He is still there and im still here. I was so messy when I first started doing this. Thats changing now. We have a plan and we have goals and dreams. This morning people were using my work. My ideas thats not fair for me and him. You are following my artist direction. He told me to see what they have to offer. But They already knew what my plans are from the beggining. I have no more anger and no more tears to give. We have to be selfish. Me and him we have to put ourselves first. Emotions are part of my game. But enough is enough. You guys knew already knew what was happening. Big people are coming. I went to them for a reason because I choose the leaders that I want. But thats changing now. We are not chassing anyone anymore. Our plans are set. Its time you chase us. Look how powerful we are now. If you didnt want to help in the beggining then maybe you shoudnt have gotten yourself involved. I hate prettending. We are real. Thats not my style. Just like I hate people wearing fake bags. That is a sin. Because that is someones work. Someone put so mich work into trying to come up with that. We me and calvin stand up for equality and love. 

But this doesnt mean We wont give you claws or we wont give you shade. If you git hurt this is just words. Then maybe you should have reflected more than anything in the world. Our company is mobile. We can get to anywhere  we produce our own content. Sometimes good sometimes bad. 

But we write what we can or better yet do what we can in what we have. We both dig deep to find ways to solve this puzzle called life. You may know us but you dinf really know what goes behind in order for us to just get out of the waters. Me as the mother of the house. I get very emotional. I know I know here she comes again with her dramatics. Little by little our comoany grows. Both of our familys invested in what we do. We thank them for helping us. We also want to say thank you to our small team. I dont like looking like a fool online. I dont like embarassing myself on alot of things. Yes I have a chip on my shoulder but thats because ive been trough life. I hustled for gigs before. Ive done it all. Then he came into my life. Now there is the two of us working hard on our life and choices. I Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3L first of my name and slayer of the truth. Can read walls and anticipate peoples reactions. If by any chance you think ik wrong well go ahead and think like that. But im getting so good at social media noe that its scary. Soo scary that each move we make is like a chess game. I put traps and people do the samething. We dont like that. Why would you screw someone over who is trying to help. That doesnt make any sense to me and him. We care because we have values. We owe our succes to ourselves, our family and our small team. You guys are just watching or reading us from your comfort zones. You guys were not the ones hustling and making deals. But still you stand proud on destroying peoples pattion? Lets set one thing straight. I had it all planned from long time ago. We dont wait dor oppurtunities to come our way. Why should we? Ha? Its our life and our company. We listen. You guys are here to advise us. Not to tell us what to do. It wasnt yout hands or legs who got here. We have travalled all over canada now. People know us because we hustle online. We talk to everyone. We are the ones who need to go first for a reason. You maybe something but if you already had the courage to make a company then you would have. Ciao please you didnt. We did. Each week we come up in better ways to entertain everyons. You can take this and run with. We have been given by the gods the new and the old power. We wont use it for evil. Love is love and love will always prevail. We know what we are. We love each other now matter what. We fight for life that we want. Sometimes I want to scream at people and be like are you seriously doing that? Or shading us like that? What does it do to you? Does it bennifit you? Does it feel good to put down people? We dont and we are not harming anyone. We are just being ourselves. We dont want to be validated by anyone. We validated ourselves. People have called me names. People are like you will try anything to be relevant. Well thats the name of the game. Put yourself in our shoes! See how hard it is to make a company or better yet be a part from each other and only have a glimpse of that life from txting each other or just saying hi to each other on facebook! Ciao you would crumble too. We are not here to be pittied by anyone. We can do it on our own. But do not preasure us in doing what you want just because it worked for you guys. Well we are not all the same. We all react in different ways. So tonight we will ask one last quetions. What is the key to life? We asked about comfort zones. Music, art or whatso ever already. But what do you guys do in order to get bye? Do you do yoga? Do you run? Watch netflix? Or do you drink? Art and dreaming is hand in hand. To be revolotionary you must change things up abit. You must stand up to your believes until our next post. Thank you and maybe goodnight. Lol I still have a long way to travel to get home. Its amodt 7 here now. Im very excited to watch the sun go down. Our dynasty is complete. We are just getting started read the whole thing from page 1 you will love it trust me we are from love. 


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