Following our own path.

If you read the whole thing from start to finish I think you already know what company im talking about. The structure is whats wrong with them. It took me 3 years to come up with this concept. I was a stylist, merchant,buyer, jr for a pr agency. Ix daily started it all to be honest. I was obssesed with writting online. I can wrote about fashion no problem. But I had to come up with a concept where my family and friends can join. He found me when I was drowning. He gave me the power to leave ny regular 9-5 job and pushed me into becoming a writter again. Writting isnt a hobby its a calling. Now we are close to almost 6000 views. The magazine is going to be an educational magazine. I made two platforms for a reason. One is for jobs for people and one to write about myself. Im putting a pin into richardexclamationpoint right now. The company cart3l is a production company. is our magazine. It will be on print 4 times a year. We are on our phase 2 of our plans. We also have our vintage jewelry brand. We also have ajuice brand that we are both conceptualizing. We also have cart3l ink that soon will come very shortly. Its funny because when we started all of this we went to my big bosses as that time. They said no you cant do that. That was one of the push that gave me the fire that I needed. The plans have always been the same. We are patient now more than ever. Moves must be done flawlessly. The magazine will finally evolve to its stage very soon. The problem is im still here and he is still there. We are both working hard. The great duma once said if you doubt your powers, you give power your doubts. I have never doubted our abilities. This is what got us to our succes. The plans have never changed. I knew from the beggining that the company wont give me what I wanted. Today was the best day ever. Because today I wasnt the only one who saw how ugly people act. Power is power. You dont have to belittle anyone to get power. The foundation of our company is love. No matter what it is love will prevail. We know what we are like we said. We never lied about that to people. We are only comftable to work with people that know who we are. Times like this I wish I can hug him. But I do have mr pike with me. I already messaged the big people. No matter what they do they will evetually help. The great gods are watching us. From the trinity, duma,delaru,tinalina,bryanita,suzziabblina to the comedy queens of youtube. Mylina, tylerina, and more. We know what our plans are going to be. We have power now. Mamaru said it all. If you cant love yourself how the how the hell are you gonna love somebody else can we get an amen up on here. I am willing to do the burning of the people to put the blame on. But blamming isnt cute. Standing up to your believes and staying true to yourself is the best way to serve your enemeys. I want to say something. We have changed the world by giving laufhgter and character. We affacted the change that we wanted. We are slowly changing the world of online creatures. So I shall raise my glass up. To equality and love. We are the reighning supremes of this world now. Look at our kids. We have it all from stylist, makeup artist,nail artist to coaches and manymore. We may not be flawless. But we aim for greatness. The dynasty is complete. We are himbled by the gesture that gods have given us. Its time dance with us and sing. Lets gooooooooooooooo rise to the occasion of our legends ball. We are legends now. They know who we are. Slaaaaaaaaaay everyone except family. Do what you must hide,jump take photos anuthing dig deep. We share your tallents its a tallent show people. 

Dream big to our kids and smile the world is watching us. Xie xie and salamat sa walang supporta. 


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