Comfort zones

We all have our comfort zones. I call in my cocoon. It maybe a blankey, toy, scarf, food or a jacket. We all have this in our life. We have safe places that me and him have selected in toronto. Vancouver feels and smells like home. It still does feel like home. Seeing famaliar faces that I havent had the chance to see in a long time brings me back to the days when I was just starting in the fashion world. I folded T shirts as my first job. Aya yamada ny orriginal japanese mother was the one who introduced me to the world of fashion. I was just an associate at that time. She was the one who kept pushing me. I sat in the back room and had my own icons where I slayed the styling gigs. She then introduced me to merchandising. As an artist we have our vissions on how you want it to look like. She has one of those eyes for trends and classic lines. She can see a the entire wall. She would know what to do by just eyes. I learned it all from her. I can see the entire wall or layout with my eyes close. Its a gift that she has given me. I already saw the whole thing 3 years ago. Slowly but surely I took jobs and moved my way up. Gigs are my favourite thing in the world. There was a time I hustled 3 jobs. Wrote articles styled for companies and did overnights for the said company. Overnights are my favourite thing in the world before. Its like running mad in a store and no one is there. There is a time when you know when it right to finally do it. Patience is not my strongest suit. But I found out that it lives in the world we both made. Learning and never stopping is what we both love. He educates me everyday. We are a people person. We like to sorround ourselves with only people that we feel comfortable too. When we started this. I had to open up our world to people. Our familyas are amazing there very accepting of us. They respect our choices in life. Comunicating to random people is not in a comfort zone. We had to force ourselves to do it. Like we said in the past what doesnt kill you make you stronger. Look at us now. He is still there and im still here and we are both in a loving relationship with each other. Ciao its not easy. We are complicated. We love puzzles and games. Internet is our playground. We play dress up. We play with legos. We love the same things. We are cut from the same cloth. Im the most dramatic one and I am the chaos of the house. He is very tidy. As an artist you must make a mess first so you can create. I was the messy online when I first started going to people that I shoudnt have went there in the beggenining. But when life gives you lemons you dont have to make lemonade the mellinia brings other options you can make a lemon cake. The mellinia is different than when we was growing up. Its so.much easier now to become something. 

But becoming something and still staying true on what you are is not a peace of cake. We promissed to never changed. We wont then we are just as borring as other basic people out there. We are not the norm and never will be. We are peace with that. We folloe trends but we dont look like trends. We changed the game online too fix our needs. 
Its almost 12:30 now and im probably gonna ramble on if I dont get to this question. What are your comfort zones? What are the things that you guys have done that scared you but you still did it anyways? Thanks for always reading until our next post. Xie xie and salamat from me and calvin and our cart3ls. The name of the game is tallent show. Tommorow the waves will come. Enjoy them and ride it with grace. Smile We are legends now. Goodnight.


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