Today things became real. First things first it was a great day I consider this day the biggest victory yet. We got everything done. He is over there and Im still here.We went on a date this morning via online. Then I went to downtown. All eyes and ears on me. I Richard John T Talay Rose Cart3l mother of this dynasty. First of my name and the slayer of truth. I came here to collect the rest of ny children and do a pop up store. Ive meet up with miyako. 

Who is one of our contributors here. Today marks a new era for the dynasty. The leaders that we have choosen have made there moves. Ix daily has done there part. Now its time to speak up obout something. People in the west are different than the east. I am from here and he is from there. Here in the west people are so nice. My original japanese mom. Miss yamada is one of our big mothers here. 

Her daughter is one of our contributors here aswell. I consider her as more than family. She was the one who nurtured me when I was just starting. Lets be honest no one will give you want you want. Look people I as the mother I will do whatever it takes to get whats mine with fire and blood I will take it. Do not play me as a fool. Do not test me. People are people I know that but if you already said yes and you will help. Its time for you to show up. Put your money where your mouth is. Dont you dare think I wont burn myself again. It took me 3 years to come up with this concept. We are not stopping now. I may  act like a bubbly kid. But trust I have claws. I also have dragons. I know what to do now. Dont you dare think I wont do it. I have proof on how I was mistreated. I have proof on paper on what other people did. I have it all saved and filled. I will release them and publish them if I have to. This is bussiness people. I have more than 5 options. People are playing. Ciao I am a drag queen and reading is fundamental. I can read you to the moon and back. I wont loose my class and my dignity. Im royalty and a legend. So for our kids we are good to go. Stand up get a drink or something because we did it. Let the games begin. Wellcome to ball of it legends ball. Rise my kids speak up. Mom and dad are working hard. We wont stop for the likes of ugly people.  Today I saw an ugly version of life. They will shade you no matter what. Funny how they think they have power but if you did then you woudnt think of looking down on people. My trust is to be earned now. You dont know me anymore. I have evolved I am the strongest and most leathal thing out there. I AM TELLING YOU DO NOT TEST ME. I only swear to slay the truth and nothing but the truth. My kids are ready. Its time you do something about this or I will. My powers are growing everyday. I am talking to the most influencial people in the world. You are not talking to them. Me and calvin did this. If you dont like it move the left but doubble check a bus might hit you. We have values in life. We wont change what we are just to fit your needs. Judge all you want. My hands are not shaking anymore. Thank you and goodnight 


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