Good morning we had a miracle morning again.

Lets get started with the day. As the mother of my own house I do have alot of jobs. I work as a contributor fox ix daily online. I also work as a beachbody coach online. Yes to be an etrepenuer now a days you cant just have one job in the drag world we call them gigs. Yes I have tons of gigs. The magazine is one of my gigs. The reason why im here is 3 things. I will be setting up our bussiness here so we have a reason to come back. My cousins are all helping me out to do that. Like we said in the past we have asked many of people in toronto and theu have closed the doors on us. Thats fine we have people here that are willing to do that.  Number 2 is to set up our hub. We will have 3 hubs all over canada and thats the really all we need.  Last and certainly not the least. I am here to collect more children. The great gods of the industry are all looking at us. Me and calvib not anyone else. So for today the name of the game is tallent show. We will be sharing the tallents of our teams. Each wave are meant only for our teams. So rise my kids today is a brand new day. Lets gooooooooo rise to the occasion of our legacy. This is our dynasty this is our time. Get up. Rise to the occasion of the legends ball. 

Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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