Crazy day already

Its only 1:32 pm here in raincouver and we already got so much done. This morning calvin and I went on a date around raincouver via facetime. He woke me up as always and I went for a run and each time I sit and get water I was on the phone with him. Now a days in this current milenia things are easier unlike befor. Like I said in the past my parents are from the old school. They believe in my tallents and calvin. But they dont ubderstand how it works online. That is the most frustrating thing in the world. Power is power and we both believe in our power. The world is so much more different now. You can have a life and work. The online is our playground. is about celebrating choices and standing up for equality. Our dynasty is just starting and we have more to do. I wish I was a robot and all I need is a battery boost so I can get to all of my task. 

Im going to be honest and im getting frustrated with some people. You dont get to tell us what to do. You are here to advice us. We have leaders and advisors and we ask them there opinions. Sometimes they take it and run with it. You guys are not the one who made this. Its me and him. I am the publicist of this company. We must priorities ourselves. If you dont like that then move on. The game that we love has evolved in to a beautiful creation. It took me 3 years to grasp and come up with this concept. We are both in this venture together and our pririoties is first is us and second is our kids. Yes we named them all as ours. We know what we are doing we know what our plans are. Please dont pressure us to do what you want. This is bussiness. Bussiness is bussines say your opinions amd if you get hurt then go exit stage left. 

But our kids are grown. You guys know us but you dont know them. You follow us around you dont followe them. This is why we are serving you a tallent show. So for our kids. Sing dance act do what you must. We will share your tallents. Dig deep this is another wave you can do this. Lets goooooooooooooooooo this is our time dont let anyone say nooooo get up get up its time. Rise to the occasion of our ball. Legends only orriginal cast plus all stars. Until our next post xie xie and salamatar. Happy hunger games and my the force be with us all.


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