Lets celebrate life together.

Today we did this together me and him. We maybe far from each other but one phone call and one txt is all we need from each other. Our families are both helping us get to where we need to in life. Other people opinions dont matter anymore. It is our life and we will do whatever it takes to get there. Im still here in raincouver. He is still there in toronto. Eventually he will get here and eventually he will get to see how much love is here. Did you force yourself to do something new in your life? Today I did. Because of him im learning how to be a kid again. You guys can judge me and him but at the end its our life and we got here because of our tallents. Today I scooted those words I will never say before. Toronto is concrete jungle. Vancouver is the land of parks. There isnt enough greenery.  Here are some pictures of stanley park. 

You guys dont get to shake us anymore. We wont give you guys that power. Power is power and our powers are stronger than anyone else. We are the leaders if this pack. What we say has to be followed and if you guys dont like please move the left. To our kids. Dont let anyone tell you anything. Dont let them influence you. The magazine will eventually mold itself to what it needs to be. We startes as a joke and look at the great gods that are following our footsteps. My words are his we are changing the world. What have you guys done lately to do that? Nothing. Reading fundemantal. But you dont have too shade all them time. We tested people so we know who we can trust. Not everone can be legend like us. Now everyone can be revolutionary. But we did even know we are both touched on how much love we have recieved. From the great duma to delaru the fashion gods are smilling at us. The trinity which we looked up to for the longest time are in our jokes. You didnt talk to them we did. We had the courage that no one else had. This our destiny our communities mine and his are joint. He opened up a world that is so dreamy that I dont want anything else. The people that I was digging to are those who havent evolved enough to be legend. It sucks that they dont apreciate anything. We make the decisions togehter. Dont kid yourself and think well we can do that. Yes you can but is your dynasty nope. Look into your heart. Dig deep see how really ugly the world is. We look at the positive and we look at the negative. But we will always choose to celebrate us. We are not here for fame. If it comes to that its just a bonus. Crab mentality is real. There will always be people like that. But if you choose to let them control that then to bad your life sucks. We are happy this is just being us. You dont know us that well. You should though we are amazing. So stand up put your glasses up in the air and celebrate with is. This our time this our moment. Mine his and yours. The choice is always your. Its either you join us or you dont until our next post. Xie Xie and salamat sa walang sawang suporta saming dalawa. Rise to the occasion of the legends ball. Lets goooooooooo stand up. Come get your kids. They are ready and so are we. Happy hunger games and may be force be with us all.


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