Its lunch time

Yesterday we promised to serve the truth and nothing but the truth. Today we are talking about the ugly truth. Its time to talk about  whats going on in the world. we cant always be talking about what we do. we must really dig deep and look at whats happening out there. Our friends in the industry bryanita and Tinalinabalerina has done there part. Now we must do our part in changing the world. Me and my partner are both focused on helping.  The chemical attack in Syria is no joke. This is a topic of  discussion.  Children are dying out there. What are we going to do about this? First we must talk about it. Second we must do our part by sharing information.

The Syria Campaign

 We urge everyone to click on it and check it out. We don’t just stand up for equality we stand up for the real news. We are not just kids. We can do something about this. Its really not that hard people.  Take action now. Help the world be a better place. As humans Evolving isn’t enough.

Reading the news and inspiring others is really what we are doing here. Is this a magazine yes it is. Is this a story yes it is. We are shaping our company the way we want. So for our kids out there. What are you guys going to do? Listen to us. We cant always just be about fashion, sports or health we must take charge of our life. We both live in the now.  This is what is all about. We have worked our buts of to get here. Come stand proud and let the world know what you are. Making dent isn’t enough.  You must force yourself to do the right thing.  We started as a joke but look at us now people are taking us seriously. Xie Xie and Salamat Sa walang sawang supporta saming dalawa. My name is Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l and he Is Calvin Rose Cart3l. We are the creators of this dynasty. We are the future of the world. Stand up and join us. Lets goooooooooooooooooooo.  Get up, Wake up and open your eyes its never to later to change. This our time. This our moment. Change the world with your videos and images. Fight the battles that we are fighting. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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