I am not alone is this battle

I am not alone. I was never alone even when im here and he is still there. Today is 9th its almost over. We spent the morning on the phone and skyped during the night. I saw a glimpse of our world. We were there again together. In life you get what you put out. We are educators of our time. I am from the old school where we learned without technology. He is from the current melinia. We wont change the strucure of our dynasty. Only because the foundation of it is brilliant. We say the word evolution all the time. This is because to survive the world you must. I walked my auntie home she is very old school she says what she wants to say. Something struck me with that. She is a great inspiration in my life. But sometimes no matter what we say our oppinions will hurt someone in the end. I wasnt bullied in school. I stood up I dont have one of those eternal comming out story. I knew what I was in grade 4. A kid asked me if I was gay. I said ill get back to you. The next day I knew. We know what we know. I follow my heart and gut. He is so annalitical is brilliantly bizare. My father the great cat is the same thing. People these are just words. You need to take it. Look at it again. If we hurt you we will say sorry now. But we shoudnt. Only because when you are given something by the great gods that you have always dreamed of finally meeting. You do whatever it takes. We wont loose that originality. That clear message. Everyone can say there opinions about it. We wont take all of them. This is our dynasty what ever makes us sleeo at night is what we are going to do. The society will take it from you if you dont know yourself. We know what we are. We are from love. We found each other in the perfect timing. I was drowning from helping an old friend. I have one last tip. Yaaaaas dont help anyone that doesnt want to help. It took me so long to say those words. My people came back to me already. Look at this whole picture woudnt you be scared of falling down? Yes but thats what we dowe fall and we climb back up. The climb is what excites us. This is what drives us to finally meet the greats. The greats who are just so kind to just touch us. There is this amazing comic in the islands of the Phillipines. She said this once. Bakit kita pupuriin? Santo ka? We are not gods. Be we are legends. The design and the structure of the company is from paris is burning. They hustled like me and calvin. They also do this thing were to be orriginal they must look at inspirations and really dig deep. Its hard very hard to be an artist in this millenia. You must not asked to be validated. Our support systems are the ones who validate us. We are ok with not being validated. We are ok if you dont like us. We are ok if you wont be a part of this. We promised we wont change. That one thing is true. We wont because this is who we are. You may not know us. But you inderstand it now. Not everyone will be part of your legends ball. We are at peace with that. Thank you for listening to the unknown. We are not the norm and never will be. Shout to the top of your lungs and say. I am royal! I have something to fight for. I am fighting to love my choosen one. I am Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l queen the dynasty. Repect our decisions. Gooooooooooodnight guys. We did something so good again todaym we touched people for that salamatar. 

We dont owe anyone explanations because we know our team ciao ciao xie xie 


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