Hi hi

So now that we slayed the truth lets get on with the day. We asked the questions of what movies you like. Now we are asking another question to you guys. We have built the dynasty and now we are all complete. We have it all from make up artist, nail artist all the way to a furniture designers. We work with many different influencers. I myself was shocked on the power that was given to us. We are just getting started. The climb to the top is far. Im still here and he is still there. So to our leaders that we have chossen. You guys are there for a reason. We have pleged our eligance many times. This post is for you to take action now. What are you willing to do for our kids? Stand up speak and let us know. The time is now. For you lipsync for your life. The world is watching. Show them how powerfull you guys are. Stand up my kids. Show them your tallents. Sing dance prance we dont care what you will do. But dont let this change you. Own your voice. We are owning ours. We are legends and this is our time. Lets goooooooooo fight for equality. Fight for what you belive. Xie xie from me and calvin. Byeeeee


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