Today is the 9th

Today is about celebration and healing. Our dynasty has just started. The mean comments is just starting. We know that we still have a huge climb. We know that we are being watched over by the great gods of the world. We should promise something. We promise we wont change. We promise we wont stop. We promise to only use the gifts that was given to us to slay the truth and nothing but the truth. We are learning. We are kids. But we know whats right and wrong. We know ourselves. The battle for equality and the battle for positive enegery is just starting. We love climb for a reason. I RICHARD John T Talay. Aka Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l first of my name. Co creator of the dynasty. Aka richardexclamationpoint. Promise that I will be ok. Its the 9th we spent the morning just txting and A call from him. I am stronger now. You guys are probably so sick of the word love from us. When I met him ages ago he showed me something that no one ever did. Thats his heart and brain. We fall inlove we all do. We work hard in our relationship. This is why we are still together. Im very stubbourn and the chaos. I want to thank you boo. For never giving up on me. Rejections were hard on me. But he never stopped being there. Maybe you guys do know us from now on. But you still dont know it all. Our secrets mine and his. Our world mine and his are the foundation of our company. Its not going to be easy. But today we celebrate the healing part. I am healing from the pain that I got from doing this beautiful creation. Xie xie and salamat from my cold heart and his warm heart. We are from love. Our dynasty is just starting. Come join us in changing the world of online creatures. Stand up for your believes and change and evolve with us. Until our next post. Byeeeeee 


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