Our life our rules

My emotions are part of this concept. Mainly I use anger. Recently ive been using love. Its time to get angry right now. We are happy just the way it is. People will manipulate the truth in that stupid head. Dont you dare manipulate his and mine. This is our dynasty! We have built this world together. You guys are just watching. You have no idea what goes on behind door number 1. Ive had enough of your stupid comment. Bring it on. Ill blast you guys myself. I will do what ever it takes to get the life we want. Sorry but i aint sorry. You guys are nasty. Dont do it. Do you. Move on. I have no problems in blocking every single person in my life for our choices. Its time you reflect on yourselves. We have evolved please do me a favour and do the same and leave me and him and our dynasty alone. 

Arraso? Comprende? Get out of our life. 


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