Lets talk 

We have asked so much questions. Today we are staying true and we only slay the truth and nothing but the truth. Kill bill is one of our favourite movies. Go Go yubari is the fiercest of them all. She is spam all the way. Our concepts are characters our story and our magazine is our life. We play by the rules of love. We made the dybasty together. I made it because of the lifestyle we have. Its the 9th you probably alreadg know since you guys are getting to know us. But we dont know what your favourite movies are ans character. A great drag queen by the name of crytal said. Dont go! Well gurl we always go. We always take it to the next level. We are the game changers. We are the ones who will dictate not you guys. Power is power and we will only slay the truth. Instead of hate. Join us and ride our waves. We do charge! For now we will charge with love. The name of the game is tag your it! Hide if you must, run if you must, but never give up my kids, mom and dad are working hard. We started as a joke but guess who is doing the lol? Us me and him. We will take what is ours with fire and blood we will take it. We are sharks. We only promise one thing to stay true and slay the truth and nothing but the truth. The libray is open. My kids read them all. Dont show your emotions. Let me do that. I am the mother of our own house and he is the father. Byeeeeee

Come and use our kids tallents. Come and grab them. They are tallented I will give you a deal. The dynasty is here. Cart3l dynasty. Read the whole thing cover to cover. We aint perfect but we swam all the way here.


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