We are inspired by culture, we are inspired by human interaction. My parents who are from the 3rd world who are not designed to live in this world and this current milenia are amazing. The hands and the mouth that created me believes in us. But they dont see our power. They dont grasp the concept of this world. Yes we are the game changer and the rest will follow. We have never asked to be validated. We started as a joke. Now we are not. Power is power and when ever I get strucked by the waves I sit down and meditate. I use my words and his. We comunicate with each other everyday. We speak we skype and we write our love notes. Its really cute and adourable. Today is the 8th and tommorow is the 9th. You dont know us very well yet. You should becuase we are really funny. The saddest part is just having the glimpse of the world. Sometimes I get lost in my emotions. Our mantra is to keep swimming. Our journey and our dynasty is just starting. Working on my designs is the hardest battle yet. I know how to write not elequently but I know how to communicate. My family is even mocking me of our power. Which is ok. We want to be able to show them our powers. We want them to know that this world that they gave us is so beautiful and filled with creatures that not only push us. But also they took us into there hearts. Its hard to be an artist. You are always hard on yourself. I know I am enough. I know we are enough. We choose us more than the power. We play the rules of our heart. He is very analitical. Methodic even, I am chaotic with grace and tallent. My emotions get me introuble. Im harnessing it. The fight in me is over. We know what we are and we know what we are doing. Rejection is hard on me only because I know im a legend. This is just words people. Im happy im not sad or depressed or anything like that. I am just comunicating with the world. Its so much more fun now. But then when I still see a glimpse of hate from someone. I block them and I move on. A great beau has done something to my emotions lately. He insisted as if I was going to help him. No my friend I was testing you. You failed and showed us your real colours. I wont name you because you are in my past now. But I will say something you graduted from arts. You have tallents but its your ego thats going to kill you. I have asked for respect. But we know that no matter what they will still say things. So for now on im going to set one thing straight. We are happy me and him. We are together and we are apart. You guys are too blind to see how beautiful this world is. His and mine. His comunity has opened me to another person. Evolution is key. Rise to the occasion of the legends ball.  Our shinning moment is ours mine, his and our kids. Cart3l has such a bad name this is why we used it. But at the end of the day the cart3ls are just family. We are family is here. There is one rule and that is to play be the rules of our heartbeat. Soon I will change the game again. Some people get boring. I love reading walls. I love this game but I love him more. Know your place in my life. Know your lane. Xie Xie and salamat from his sweet sweet heart and from my cold hearted heart. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee 

We make warriors and we only want the good apples to be a part of our beautiful collection. 


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