Extra extra read all about it. The queen of the dynasty. Yes im still here. Im am rising above but hidding. Hidding from what? Im hiding from the fact that I cant controul my emotions. Now im another place that I also call home. My family lives in 4 block cycle. Yes its true the spams stick together. Its so funny because I was the first one of my family to leave the nest. To move to toronto my home. I feel here in vancouver but my world that We created in in torontxo. To be a legend We use everysingle part of our life as a story. Creating is so much fun but its also draining. Its draining my collar bones. Oppppps here she is again being extra or dramatic like everyone says. You must use your tallents as much you can. I dont consider myself a god. I consider msyself a dictator or a game changer. This concept took me 3 years to form. Thank the gods the new and the old that people are finally getting it. I am glad. I am glaad I am part of this world now no matter what. Im ending the night now. Even though its so ealry. I might write again tonight. But im really in deep with my designs and my creations. You must find your own coocoon to be a butterfly. I am gone with the wind faboulous. Xie Xie and salamat from my heart and his. Now slay. And enjoy the waves. Yaaaaaaaaass gaga. 

Im hoping my furniture designer will wake up soon. But it looks like raincouver is giving us the blanket of rest we have been asking for. It smells so good here. It smells like home. I cant explain it but the nature is rejuvinating me and giving me the divine powers. We are royals. But not everyone is legendary. The dynasty has just begun. Come join us and slay and be a cart3l. Ciao for now


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