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To be a legend you must feel all the emotions. We are starting to aound like a brocken record. But we are educating some people. People are people they will do whatever it takes to climb up a ladder. Isnt that so groos. We are climbing up the ladder with our dignity. We wont loose our orriginality to please everyone else. Just like me the magazine evolves. We know what it will eventually look like we know what its going to be. The problem is caring. Yes sharing is caring but when you see how toxic peoples reactions are on how we act as a couple you will do the same thing. Trust me on this one. Crab mentality is real. People will climb up there and sell there souls to the devil himself. Not us. We have faigth. We have faith in ourselves and faigth in our people. Yesteryday we gave respect. Respect must be given first in order to recieve it. We wont give you ours becase you dont deserve to touch us like that. We are not gods! We are legends! Royalty is how we both feel. We feel royal just the two of us. Do we put ouselves uo on a pedestel ofcourse who doesnt. This is a game people. We love games but what we have is our purity. Stand up for love stand up for you believes. This what its our love letter to the world. We are not perfect but we aim for being flawless. Our claws only come out when see whats happening. I take charge when the people respound in a negative way. Should I stop? Nope should change the concept nope. We are not here to please other that dont want to be please  we are from the light now. We shine thats what we do best. Emotions are for the week if you have to cry. Cry to your mommy. I have a family now. This is what I have always wanted. I wanted to have a life with him. He picked me for that I am lucky. I fight for him I fight for live. I fight for equality. The fight and the revolution we started together. People have put bad all over it. Why? Its because you dont know us. Get to know us first before you judge us. People will always judge some people do arts and crafts. We are here to celebrate our choices! Mine and his and our kids. This is what we are you take it and enjoy the waves. I shall and I will take this. Keep bashing me keep calling me names. Because at the end of all of this. We rise to our occasion. We make our own events! That legends ball is. You dont 6000 dollar dress to feel royal. You just need the right amount of love. Soooooooooo go and have fun do something that you havent done before. Sit in a bar open up to someone. He opened his heart to only me and no one else. This our time this our moment rise above fight, scream shout hide do what you must! If you get it its yours if you dont you are not a leggend. Maybe not yet. 

I am Richard john T Talay. Aka Richard john Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l. Mother of the dynasty first of my name queen of my partner. I will only slay the truth and nothing but the truth. Byeeeeeee 


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