Alrighty then

Lets keep the melo dramatics down. Silencia I have something to say. We are both working hard to get what we want. Dont assume anything on whats going on. We make it look easy. But its harder on us more than anything in the world. Listen to my heart amd nothing else. Its been a great morning. Small victories need to be celebrated. What are we celebrating? Our dent into the society. We got you guys hooked on now.  You guys are finaling following us. We are still listening to what your demand us. We asked the question of your favourite movies. So what is it? Show us? Let us know. The dynasty has been built. Our small team is ready. We are ht leaders of this pack. So grab sometjing to drink and put it up in the air. Kampay we made a difference in the world together. Me, him, our small team and you guys. Yes you guys the people that are actually reading this whole thing. You guys are the sweetest for never ever stopping on supporting young emerging tallent. I am proud and I stand tall for what we both created. Ending the night now. We still have our designs that we are working on.  Here is a list of what we are working on. 

  1. Our jewelry bussiness vintage cart3l 
  2. Our other platform 
  3. Our products for cart3l which includes. Our apperell brand, our apothecary brand. 
  4. The opothecary brand consists of raw matterials from here in vancouver. Facial cleanser, lip balm and more. 
  5. We are also working on the store itself. There is more than two reasons why I am here and he is there. Im here to collect more off our kids and also to set up the bussiness. Our families are there ones who are helping us.

Unfortunately my people are all here and his people are in toronto. We are still looking for a place in toronto and im here setting everything up. This is just a start of a beautiful concept. The idea is to change the world with posetive enegery using our gifts and tallents. We have it all from stylist to furniture designer. Again  salamat for the warm welcome. But we have to soend sometime with family. We miss each other so much so ill be spending the rest of the day working online and talking to him. Happy 9th baby. Yaaaaaaaaas cart3l from love is about now media. We are fresh and current. Nature will takes is course on hoe this platform will do. We wont stoo and we will keep going on. Bye for now. Here is a dreamer catcher. So you dreams will grow with us. Did you catch the waves yet?


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