We have patience now. What are we waiting for? nothing! its none of your business but mine and his! What are we doing? again its none of your business. Who are we talking to? Again none of business. We do what we want! We wont let you guys dictate what we want! We have done our damaged! We did this me and Calvin if you don’t like it then by all means take the left! We are not the norm and will never will be! This is all part of our plans. Life is nothing but a huge puzzle. we are great with puzzles. I am great with games and he is great with people. we know how to s

ilencia you guys. To much talking from everyone as if they know what we are doing. You don’t we are the game changers you see! We dictate time we are testing our powers. If you drink the juice that was given to you by the gods and finish it all then you wont have anything else to share. sharing is caring here at cart3l. But we must priorities and we are prioritising ourselves. A great god once said. if you cant love yourself then how are you going to love someone else. can we get an amen? yaaaaaaaas we can. This is our time, and this is our Dynasty! rise to the occasion of the legends ball! Rise! We are all destined for greatness! My team is my family and our kids are our contributors look at them now they have grown. Come get your kids! its time you guys put your money where your mouth is. Byeeeeee we will talk again soon.


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