My oma

My mother is making food as we speak. Yeah she kinda takes 9000 years. Like how we explained last night. We got the getting ready part from her. The day is almost done. Its time to celebrate amother small victory for us. Love is love no matter what other people say about us we kinda just look at them and go how would you know? You are not in a relationship with us. We are both stubborn and both dramatic. Lile anyother couple we love to do normal things. Yes we are not the norm. But we do get hurt and we do bleed. We are humans. The victory that we are celebrating is today is the 8th and tommorow is the 9th. You dont know us that well yet. Thank you from the bottom of my cold heart. You never give up on me. You never even tried to change me. I am artist I have emotions. I fell them all. To be a legend is bound to happen. People will test you but at the end of the day we dont give a flying rats us on what your ipinions are. This is what we do. This is what we love. You can tell eh. I know I know im still here and you guys are still there. So let us all grab a drink. Water, juice, coffee, tea or maybe a good old alcoholic beverage. Stand up for your believes, stand up for your love ones. Just stand up because if you dont know one else will. This is our time mine,his and our children. Raincouver, Toronto and Montreal! See you guys on our next destination peace we out for the night! Byeeeeeeeeeeè


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