Make your own event

Everyone else is on different event all over the world! The best thing about being home is that my family celebrate our choices mine and his. We made our way into this industry on our own. We went to montreal to find contributors and find our editor. Im happy and content with our team. We maybe small but we will take this by storm. Now only few people know our secrets. When we started we asked so many people to help us and we told everyone our plans and our secrets. That ended long time ago. We know who we want only because we are comftable to these people. We have asked question and the world has answered. We live in the now. The reason why we constructed the company this way is because we learn and we evolve in time. Cart3l is a production company we produce our own content. Some of it bad some of it good. We love what we do here as you can tell. Now that everyone is listening to us. We want to say thank you for the love. You gave us abudance of love. We saw the real colors of people and sad to say that some became nasty. The climb is our favourite thing. We will push on no matter what. We celebrate decision. Cafa is tonight. I will write about it tommorow. But we wish we are there celebrating the designers and people in our industry. Cart3l is part of now media. Is it a story? Yup is a magazine yup. We do what we have to in order to survive. The milenia opens up oppurtunities that our parents dont even know that are there. I wont lie and say its been easy. Its harder on us than anything but our love prevails. We do this for our own indepedance and to make a stand in the world that two individuals who found love and use love as a concept. I found him in a perfect time if my life where I was drowning and yes its going to sound silly but he saved me. He is the only one really understands. Our heart beats together at the same time. I get mad when people test us. Why? We are here to help! All we wanted was time. No one will give you anything in this world and im proud we took it. Im proud of what we have done. Im proud of how we grown as individuals. Our communities his and mine celebrate us. We see the hate and we shove it down and say no. Say no to people. Say no to negative energy around you. I have a few people to thank. Him and his patience on dealing with someone like me. Our parents who always is there to back us both up. Our kids who push us. Being different is a good thing own your individuality. You are what you are. We dont ask for validation from anyone we validate ourselves. So lets all hold our drinks up! Cheers to changing the world one post, one video, at a time. Goodnight to my sweet boy! We will skype date soon. Lets goooooooooooooooooooooooo 


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