Legends ball

Draaaaaaaaag it up! Dance! Make an outift. Go get your good judys. Legends ball is in you. We wont be just doing on legends ball.  There is more. Our plans are clear. We do this for life. Nothing else. Legends ball can be a pop up store. Legends ball can be jus you and your love ones. Me and my partner have our own fun. We have asked our friends for help and now we know they were not meant for us. Its our conpany. We constructed it. Our leaders are from several different fields. All influencers of there time. Coaches, merchants, stylist, artist we have them all. But where you should really focus on is our kids. Our kids and there tallents need to be reconized. We speak for the unheard. We pick souls and hearts. That is the foundation of cart3l. We cater to unaccepted. We use our platforms. Look at them. Therw fierce. They are hungry its time you collect them. Its time you use there tallents. We validate them. We ourselves dont need to be validated. We love the climb and we wont stop. Rise to the occasion of the legends ball. Find your corner and dream with us. Im there mother and he is my partner celebrate and dont hate. Join the revolution! Speak up. Stand for your belives. Lets gooooooooooooo break the chains if you must. We are here to catch you giys when you fall. Until our next post. Slaaaay 

Cart3l dynasty! Read us now! From page 1!  Grab a drink or a cookie and enjoy the ride. 


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