Haloooooooo Lets talk CAFA!

The Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards. yaaaaaaaasss It was yesterday! I am still here and he is still there. Let’s celebrate life together.  CAFA was created to give coins, love and respect for the outstanding achievements of the emerging talents in Canada baby!

The land of snow! The land where our parents took us. The land which We represent together.  I am so proud of team Toronto for slaying the game. There is so much talents in the world this is why we collect people to showcase their talents. We have our talents like we said before. But our kids is are our priority.

So cheers to CAFA for standing up for people like us! Me, My partner and our kids.  We wish we were there but time will come for us to stand on that stage. I can’t believe how big it is now! I think it was around 3 years ago when I wrote about it for ix daily. Now we have our dynasty. Cart3l Dynasty. Read us from page 1. We are nothing but a good read. Our words,we play with, our images we capture raw. We are the living proof that love will prevail. This is our passion and this our life. This is our story. Is it a magazine? Yes it is.  We are still here. So check out some of of our old articles.

Read us now! Salamat and Xie Xie from the bottom of our hearts. Rise to the occasion of the legends ball. Rise and stand up for your believes. Its up to us now how the change the world. This is our game. This is our time! Lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! To our kids. Dream big, dream smart  the world is watching us. Smile Spring has sprung.



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