What? Yes! Fashion is part of our lives. Even just being with family. My mother the queen of the house. She takes atleast 2 hours to get ready. My sister the oldest the queen b of our triad! Takes longer but my little sister she can be done just like that. I am from the 90s my partner is from the current milenia. We both take atleast 2 hours to get ready. I wait for him. I get ready first. Because if I dont then he will be bored. We love the idea of dress up. Texture, prints and fur you name it we play with it. We believe in investing on ourselves. This is our pation. Culture we find to influence us. Art we use to express ourselves.  We follow trends and we appreciate them. Knowing your true selves is key. Mix and match ciao we do it all the time. I have been a stylist, merchant, buyer, contributor and now im a coach and mother of my own house. We are educators we educate people on what we are and what our kids do. We started as a joke and now we dictate and influence. We are all influencers its up to you on how you use it. I came from the world of fashion. I studied design and being in that world fueld me. I got angry and I harness that. I guess I invoke the power that was given to me. Power is power. Our powers are all in us. Drag queens are the most powerful people I have ever scene in my life. They transform as individuals to the character that they are. We are kind of the same I guess. I made my own character. People know me to have many names from richard, arjay, chox and now im Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l mother of my own house. Co creator of my dynasty. Why do we call it dynasty? Because to be legendary you must have something to fight for. The dynasty has been built. The rise! The climb! This is all part of the game man. Thats what we get excited about. We get excited about pushing our way in. Dramatic? Yes! For sure. Drama is not that bad. As long as its on the lane. Our path now we know. Cart3l the brand is a working process. We love the misture of times. Im asian domination. He is from a different culture. Its so much fun when you open your eyes or your heart to another world. Shocking! Its beem real its been cute! But I have mumbled on for to long. Time to take a rest. Embrace yourself. Love yourself. People have doubts they can all doubt. We will prove you wrong. Come join us! Be part of our dynasty and fight for equality and celebrate yourself. Its never too late. 

Vancouver is home base #2 we are building and it takes a village. Lets goo


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