Our inpirations

Who inspires us to be different?  The world inpires us to stand up for our believes and choices. We dont care about what society needs. We are here to showcase our tallents mine and his. Our respect is earned. Say what you want and do what you want. We stand up for equality. His community and mine. We have friends we are not alone. We will do what we want. We are giving you a side of what we are. But you dont get to take our power. Power is power we use it for love. We dont use it for anything else. We dont give negagive enegry. We release our emotions trough our pictures and videos. If you dont like it please move on. RESPECT! We are not harming anyone. We are just giving life. Fight for what you believe. Follow my heart its singing. Beautiful day to embrace choices. Dont let anyone you cant. Harness the power that is given to you.


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