Good morning


Good morning world. Last nights was magical. We spent this morning on another skype date. Our dates on skype brings me back to the world we created. Now that our hearts are full of joy. We are going to explain some more. The legends ball is for everyone. Everyone is invited but not everyone will understand. In the old days we get dressed for occasions. Now you can wear whatever you want and feel like another person. Fashion and dreaming is side by side. We turn our dreams into reality. The game we love we have shared to everyone. Calvin and I live in this magical world that only me and him will understand. We play dress up we play! Playing and creating is what we do best. We are not harming anyone. I represent his community and mine. We are at one. We  are uniting our worlds together. We are not dreamers we are creators. We are educators. Geeeeeeeet up! The day has just started. It’s time you guys do something for yourself. Tell us what you have done that you have to forc yourself to do! We force ourselves to get up everyday. It’s a brand new day. The horizons are clear. The dynasty is complete. Our people are ready. Thank you to everyone. We are humbled by the gift you gave us. To the fashion world that is behind us. To the people is social media that answer us Salamat from me and Calvin



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