What did you do today?

Yaaaaaaas we just got back from exploring the outdoors. I dont think I have ever been so inlove with vancouver. I miss home. I have met the coolest people ever by just walking around my parent neihgboorhood and my sister. I forgot how much fun it is to explore. Torono is that kind of place that everyone thinks they other person is gking to screw with you. Torontonians are designed to be rude. I myself has turned into that. But being here and being with nice people make you think. They line up here to get inside the bus. They say thank you when they leave the bus. But the one thing I hate is the train! We all do! But the only benifit of the train here is above! It goes up you can see how beautiful the place is. Toronto has a subway. Its dingy! Its scary. Me and calvin are cut from thesame clothe. We are both dramatic. We spent almost close to 2 hours just skyping and talking. God I miss toronto. The busyness the lifestyle and the hustle. We are going to ask another question! Since we are on the topic of forcing our way into the industry and kicking doors just to get in. What have you done today that you had to force yourself todo it? Here is what we have done lately that we dont like. 

  1. Going for a run! You can go for a run in toronto. We have scene people who do it. 
  2. Being alone! 
  3. Asking people the hard hitting questions 

Raincouver! When you show the light is amazing but when days like this you just wanna go and get mango icy and eat your heart out. 

I cant wait to eat some good old asian snacks in the market! Bubbke tea! Wooot woooot! Im soo asian lately! Looking back at your past is good. You cant yransform or evolve when you dont know who you are. We know what we are. We dont live by regrets like we said in the past. We keep swimming. 

Thank you to my family who never gets tired of driving us around to get more ideas. We are having so much fun creating content. We are still here! Where are you guys? Ohhhhh yeah your still there! Sounds goood! 

  1. Pow pow check
  2. Frenchielenchie check
  3. Narrrita aiport realness check
  4. Jakarta check
  5. Hongkomg cart3l check
  6. Fly girls check
  7. Team pilipinas cart3l check

Our kids are grown look at all them! We are soooo proud! They are going to be grwat influencers jusy like mom and dad. Thank you for always watching, Thank you for always watching and last but not the least thank you for listening to us ramble on! We wont stop! Lets gooooooooooooo get up get up and celebrate choices and life! This is whatvcart3lfromlove.com is all about! Byeeeeeeeee


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