The game we love

We call it slay the internet. We work for ix daily and the gap. Our coaches are from beachbody. Our contributors are our kids. We are the leaders of our pack. We are educators. We educate people on what we do and what our kids do. We practice yoga. We sing, dance,write and slay. We use our daily life to represent what we are in the world. When we started it was fun and then it became dark. Now we are just russing above again. Thank you for understanding! We are not the norm and never will be. We will only follow the rules of love. If you get hurt go cry somewhere else. This is our game! Mine his and our team! If you get you are in our team. If you dont sorry only legends go to the ball. The dynasty is here! 

Rise to the occasion of the ball! It wont just be one! There will be hundreads! Stand up for what you fight for! Just get up and do you! The rest will follow!


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